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Research And Application Of High Power,tunable And Narrow Linewidth 1.5 ?m Fiber Laser Source

Posted on:2019-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330611493661Subject:Optical Engineering
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The 1.5?m fiber laser source has the advantages of human eye safety and atmospheric transmission window,and has been widely used in optical fiber sensing,optical communication,remote sensing,laser radar and other fields.The 1.5?m laser is also located at the absorption peak of many gas molecules and can be used as a pump source for generating mid-infrared gas lasers.Single longitudinal mode output has been implemented,but the maximum output power is only 100 m W,which cannot meet the pumping requirements.In this chapter,the research on the pumping of acetylene gas laser based on air-core fiber is carried out.The research on fiber amplifier with line width of several hundred MHz and high power of 1.5?m is carried out.The specific research contents are as follows:1.The birth and development history of 1.5?m fiber-optic source is introduced.The research status of high power tunable narrow-linewidth fiber lasers and amplifiers at home and abroad are investigated.At the same time,the mid-infrared fiber gas source based on 1.5?m laser source which is used as the pump source.The research on the development status of the laser has determined the technical route of the research.2.Research on continuous high-power tunable narrow linewidth 1.5?m fiber amplifier.a high-power,wavelength tunable and narrow linewidth 1.5?m all-fiber laser amplifier based on a tunable diode laser and Er-Yb co-doped fibers.The laser wavelength can be precisely tuned from 1535 nm to 1580 nm,which covers many absorption lines of mid-infrared laser gases,such as C2H2,HCN,CO,HI,N2O,and so on.The maximum laser power is>11 W,and the linewidth is about 200?300 MHz,which is close to the absorption linewidth of the above-mentioned gases.This work provides a suitable pump source for high power wavelength tunable mid-infrared fiber gas lasers based on low-loss hollow-core fibers.3.Research on pulsed high power tunable narrow linewidth 1.5?m fiber amplifier.Tunable narrow linewidth pulsed C-band fiber lasers are usually required as pump sources for mid-infrared gas lasers.Here,a wavelength,repetition frequency,and pulse width tunable high average power narrow linewidth 1.5?m all-fiber amplifier has been achieved by directly modulating a continuous-wave single-frequency diode laser using an acousto-optic modulator.The laser wavelength can be precisely tuned from 1530 nm to 1570 nm,which covers many absorption lines of mid-infrared laser gases,such as C2H2,HCN,CO,N2O,HI and so on.The repetition frequency and pulse width are also conveniently tunable.The maximum output average power is more than 2.5 W and the laser linewidth is at the range of 150?500 MHz,which matches well with the absorption linewidth of gases.This work provides an excellent pump source for mid-infrared fiber gas lasers.4.The application research of 1.5?m fiber source in mid-infrared fiber gas laser was carried out.This experiment mainly explores the optimal fiber length of continuous and pulsed fiber amplifiers used to realize mid-infrared fiber lasers,and the corresponding optimal gas pressure.Finally,the highest output laser is obtained under the determined fiber length and optimum pressure;the impact of different frequency and pulse width pulse pump sources on the 3?m laser power output,and then determine the optimal repetitive frequency and pulse width of the highest power laser output.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fiber Amplifier, Erbium-Ytterbium Co-doped Amplifier, Tunable, Narrow Linewidth, Hollow-Core Fiber, Mid-infrared Fiber Gas Laser Source
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