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1. The Study On Characteristics Of All Solid-state Mid-infrared Two Micrometer Lasers
2. A Study On Programmable Gain Amplifier And Low-pass Filter For Hard Disk Drive Read Channel
3. Research Of High Linearity And Compact Tunable Bandpass Filter
4. Research On Tunable Interference Characteristics In Ring Resonators
5. The Study Of Near-Field Focusing And Synthesis, Wideband Tunable Reflection Phase Shifter, And CTS Antenna
6. Phase-shifting Interferometry To Determine The Diameter Of A Silicon Sphere Based On A Frequency-tunable Diode Laser
7. Research On Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Lasers Based On Novel Micro-nano Structures
8. Optical Simulation And Performance Realization On White Organic Light-emitting Devices
9. Study On High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering(HiPIMS) And Ferroelectric Tunable Microwave Components
10. The Research On Spectropolarimetric Imaging System And Imaging Quality Based On AOTF
11. Theory And Key Technology For Silicon-PLC Based Passive Photonics Integrated Devices
12. Study On Integrated Photonic Applications Based On The Spectral Characteristics Of Silicon Microring Resonators
13. Research On All-optical Signal Processing Technologies For Phase Modulation Signal
14. Study On Fiber Lasers With Novel Materials And Technologies
15. Research On Key Technologies For Near-infrared Optical Fiber Water Vapor Sensor
16. Studies On Single Longitudinal Mode Palsed 1178nm Lasers And Novel Dual-wanelength Lasers
17. Study On The Properties And Mid-IR Lasers Of Cr2+:ZnSe And Cr2+:ZnS Crystals
18. Research And Application Of Fiber Acousto-optic Tunable Filter
19. Study On Tunable Erbium-doped Fiber Laser Based On Superimposed Fiber Gratings
20. Research On Microwave Engineering Applications Of Novel Electromagnetic Metamaterials
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