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Research On Data Provenance Technology Based On Blockchain

Posted on:2020-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330590995421Subject:Computer application technology
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In the context of big data,the inherent or potential value of data makes it an important asset.The data that is common in life has generally undergone a series of processing.Because the middle process lacks the necessary transparency,it is difficult for users to judge the source and reliability.Data provenanc has become a data infrastructure.However,the traditional data provenance system generally stores data in a centralized manner,is vulnerable to internal and external attacks,and has problems such as single point of failure,which threatens the security of data.Therefore,how to store data and achieve trusted data provenance is an urgent issue to be solved.Blockchain is an Internet-based decentralized trust management mechanism developed with the Bitcoin system.Its hard-to-tamper and traceable features provide a new solution for trusted data provenance.The existing blockchain-based data provenance schemes mostly use the bitcoin-based blockchain to achieve provenance for specific application scenarios,without considering the versatility,and lacking the research on the provenance data model,this thesis proposes a data provenance scheme based on PROV data model and blockchain.This thesis explores the application of data provenance in the Internet of Things environment,which mainly solves three levels of issues:(1)Aiming at the issue of non-participant counterfeit data,the public key authentication technology is used to design the authenticity verification mechanism of the data provenance participants and the simulation implements and verifies the mechanism.(2)Aiming at the issue of different provenance data standards and lack of research on provenance data model,provenance data model for describing provenance data are built and simulated based on PROV data model,in order to track data changes and identify the entities that cause changes.(3)Aiming at the issue that the provenance data may be credible due to tampering,a set of smart contracts for provenance data management is designed,which encapsulates the logic of data provenance participants to read and write traceable data,and traces data through smart contracts,which is stored on the blockchain to ensure trusted storage and trusted verification of the acquired provenance data.Finally,a React-based JavaScript Web application was designed and simulated on the Ethereum blockchain platform to implement the provenance data prototype.In order to evaluate the correctness and feasibility of the above scheme,this thesis builds a private blockchain simulation network of Ethereum,implements and tests the above schemes,and proves the correctness and feasibility of the proposed scheme.
Keywords/Search Tags:BlockChain, Data Provenance, PROV, Smart Contract
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