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Keyword [Data Provenance]
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1. Model-Based Data Provenance In Semantic Web Environment
2. Research On NRC-Based Data Provenance Tracing And Their Applications
3. Research And Implement Of Data Provenance Tracing System Based On SSIS
4. Research And Implement Of Data Provenance Tracing System Based On Ssis
5. Research On Workflow Matching And Discovery Based On Data Unification For Proteomics
6. Systematic Representation And Query Processing Of Uncertain Data Based On Bayesian Network
7. Design And Implementation Of A Provenance Framework In Workflow System-Nebulas
8. Xml-based The Origin Calculated And Origin Storage Research
9. Origin Of Sensor Data Privacy Protection Technology Research And Application
10. Research On Data Provenance's Security Model
11. Research Of Uncertain Data Provenance Based On Confidence Computing
12. Research Of Mining Algorithm Of K-Anonymous Data Sets Based On Generalization Tree
13. Research And Application Of Materialized View Technology Supporting Fast Online Analytical Processing
14. The Method Of Tracing Data Based On Trusted Digital Forensics
15. Research On Provenance Security Service Model And Protocol Based On Cloud Computing
16. Data Provenance Compression Using Cluster Based Arithmetic Coding In Wireless Sensor Networks
17. An Optimization Algorithm Of Cloud Storage Based On Data Dependency Relationship
18. Research On Data Security Protection Mechanism Based On HDFS
19. Research On Provenance Access Control Based On W3C PROV
20. A Research Of Data Provenance Technology And Its Implementation In PostgreSQL
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