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Web Social Media Based On Provenance Data Information Credibility Assessment

Posted on:2020-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578469181Subject:Library science
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With the rapid development of social media and the widespread use of social platforms such as We Chat,Weibo,and Zhihu,the information has been exchanged and spread at a high speed,and the information has exploded.In the social network activities,the user is the creator of the information and the recipient of the information.Due to the anonymous identity of the user,a large amount of false information can be transmitted on the network,thereby reducing the quality of the social network information and authenticity of the information.It has been questioned,and high-quality information content can provide high-value knowledge resources for users and even the Internet.Therefore,how to identify highly credible information from massive information has become an urgent problem to be solved.The origin of data can help track the source of data,effectively record the dynamic information generated during data processing and evaluate the quality and credibility of the data,so that users can clearly understand the ins and outs of the information,and decide whether to adopt the content according to their own needs.This paper takes zhihu information as the starting point of research,and uses provenance method to evaluate the credibility of zhihu information and its upstream and downstream information from the three aspects of information dissemination process,user and media.The research mainly starts from the following aspects:(1)This paper first analyzes the basic theories of data provenance and information credibility.The provenance model,the characteristics of different social media information,the user behavior characteristics of each platform and the mechanism of information credibility are sorted out and summarized.(2)Construct a credibility evaluation framework for social network information,determine the user credibility evaluation index and media authority size,select appropriate topics based on the selected scenarios that are related to information dissemination across platforms,and construct a PROV.The entities involved in the propagation process,activities,agents,time,etc.are described by RDF,and stored and validated.(3)Grab the social media platform involved in the zhihu information transmission path,the user's personal complete information and the behavior data in the network activity,and pre-process the actual value of the indicator,from the integrity of the user information,the individual The four indicators of certification and achievement,activity,and communication breadth calculate the user's credibility value.Evaluate the authority of social media platforms.(4)By calculating the credibility and platform authority value of the user node on the propagation path,the credibility value of the selected social media information is obtained,and the calculated result is analyzed.(5)Summarize the research of this paper and forecast the future research.The research results in this paper provide a new idea for the evaluation of information credibility and the method of improving the quality of platform information.
Keywords/Search Tags:Credibility assessment, Data provenance, PROV, Social media
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