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The Provenance Model Of Data Processing Visualization In Health Management System

Posted on:2019-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330545486962Subject:Computer software and theory
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The health management combined with the scientific management method to monitor the individual body index,mainly for disease prediction,health intervention and medical research.Because the health management system has more detection indexes,large scale of data,complicated processing process and lack of standardization,it makes the result of data difficult to understand and judge.The difficulty of body health intervention and deep medical research is increased.This paper uses the visualization method of data origin to record the process of health data processing,so as to analyze the interpretability of data results.In the environment of the combination of big data and workflow in personal field,the health management system has a variety of indicators and a large amount of data.After complex processing in the system,the credibility of quantitative information is finally obtained,and the reliability cannot be guaranteed.At present,the analysis and management of health data focus on the application of health data.In the field of data mining,a large number of interpretable results have been studied using the method of data origin.The process of data processing in the health management system is recorded completely through the data origin model,and the interpretable scheme is provided in the form of visualization,which is helpful to evaluate the results of the data processing.So as to support the health big data more in-depth analysis and research,as well as related applications in the field of medicine.In this paper,the PROV model of data origin is used to model the process of health data processing,and the visualization scheme of health data processing is studied to provide support for data analysis.The specific contents of this paper are as follows:1)The research process of health management and data origin is introduced,and the characteristics and problems of existing health management models are analyzed.The key problems of health data processing which can be solved by data origin are put forward according to the characteristics of data origin.2)The origin model of data processing in health management system based on PROV model is established,the information management framework of health data processing is designed,the origin vocabulary of scene is arranged,and the collection and storage of origin are made.Access and query,constraint and validation,and source information visualization scheme.Through the analysis of the method call log in the health management system,the origin information is collected,the ProvValidator is used to check the validity of the origin information in RDF format,the visual display is carried out through ProvStore,and the origin information is queried by SPARQL language.To analyze the visual results of different views.3)Taking the Chronic Disease and Health Management System as the experiment scene,select the typical health data processing flow,through the experiment,analyze the origin model of the health data processing visualization.And through different dimensions to visualize the scene origin information,the effectiveness of the design method is verified.In view of the problems of data processing in the health management system,this paper explains the processing of health data based on the PROV model of data origin,and proposes a visualization scheme,which facilitates the researchers to understand the process of data processing and provides a basis forjudging the credibility and reliability of data results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Health management, Data provenance, PROV-Model, Visualization
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