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Research And Implemention Of Data Manage Platform Base On PROV

Posted on:2018-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B L WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518995692Subject:Computer technology
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With the emergence of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and data center, the application fields of government affairs, business affairs, military affairs and scientific research activities based on information technology have gradually expanded and formed a huge information network. On this basis, some of the data management platform and the resulting. This data management platform has been the focus on two aspects, one is the data storage, on the other hand is the data analysis. But with the gradual increase in data platform users, more and more frequent data flow, and the current lack of management for data flow. Therefore, the paper presents a data supply chain to manage the data flow. In order to construct the data supply chain,the paper investigates the current data provenance model, chooses the PROV data provenance model to construct the data supply chain, designs and realizes the data management platform based on PROV.Firstly, the paper introduces the research status of the data management platform at home and abroad, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the existing data management platform, and then describes the relevant concepts and research status of the data supply chain, and finally the selected PROV provenance model and describes this model detailed. Based on the above research, the paper designs the architecture of data management platform from three stages: data storage,data processing and data application. It mainly includes the detailed design of user management module, data distribution module, data supply module and data supply chain management module. PROV data provenance model can only trace the source of data, can not track the fate of data and data visualization imperfections of the PROV data provenance model in the traceability of the source has been extended and improved data visualization of the inadequacies of the design and implementation of the Data supply chain management. Meanwhile, in order to improve the performance of data management platform, the paper designs a data caching strategy.Based on the PROV data traceability model, the paper studies and realizes the data supply chain management and builds a data management platform to provide data services. The data management platform is tested in detail and the results are in line with the expected results. Theperformance of the data management platform is tested against the response time of the back-end interface and the speed of the data supply chain, and the expected requirements are achieved. The data management platform researched and designed in this paper provides users with rich management tools, especially for the circulation data can be effectively managed, so that the user can trace the source of the data and track the data.
Keywords/Search Tags:PROV, data manage, data supply chain, visualization
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