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Structural Optimization And Performance Analysis On Inductive Sensor For Grade Of Iron Powder Measuring

Posted on:2012-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330488993285Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Grade of iron powder not only affects the whole process of smelting and various indexes of technical and economic directly,but also affects steel product cost and quality.In recent years,methods of online detection for grade of iron powder has been attention more and more by steel enterprises,this is because online detection system not only can detect the grade of iron powder accurately,but also require lower cost,operate simply,test real-time.Measuring method for grade of iron powder used inductive sensor is such a kind of online detection method.In this method,the sensor quality directly determine the measuring accuracy,because optimization experiment of sensors parameters is too trival,for improving experiment efficiency,so,this article mainly using the 3D simulation method of finite element for inductance sensor coil in detecting method,through the results of simulation,the coil structure parameters and performance is optimized.Firstly,this paper expounds inductor principles of sensor,detection principle of the grade of iron powder used inductive sensor,and the finite element analysis basic theory,provides theoretical basis for finite element modeling of 3D simulation of inductance sensor.Secondly,the three-dimensional simulation is conducted for air-core coil and coil with iron powder used the finite element method,through the post-processing of simulation model got inductor value of inductance coil.According to 3D simulation of coil with iron powder,studied the structure parameters variations on the influence of inductance coil,and using orthogonal test method for optimization analysis of the structural parameters of inductance coil,get the optimal scheme of structure parameters,also got significant analysis results of parameters effect on the performance.Conducting the experiments used actual coil based on simulation experiment,complete the checking of inductance value of simulation coil and simulation orthogonal experiments,and explain that simulation results of structure optimization of sensor coils is guiding significance.Finally,using the finite element method to analyze the magnetic shielding and line thickness of coil concluded the influence of simulation experiment results;it further discusses the method to reduce error between simulation experiment data and actual test data.Using the 3D simulation method of finite element analysis structure parameters of inductive sensor coil and optimization of properties,it not only can get the experimental results effectively,achieve experiment aim,but also can improve the experimental efficiency and cost greatly,provides theory basis for the research of structure optimization of inductance coil.Therefore,this article has certain practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:iron powder, finite element, three dimensional simulation, inductive sensor
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