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Analysis Of Key Technologies For Subcarrier Interference Cancellation In High-speed Rail Communication

Posted on:2020-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590952531Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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In the high-speed railway communication system,the rapid movement between the train and the base station will bring about a great Doppler shift,and the inter-carrier interference that will be caused will greatly interfere with the quality of service of the railway communication,and even lead to data packets.Lost or transmission delay or interruption between the train and the base station.Driven by the growing demand for high-speed mobile communications and complex terrain communications.This paper studies the high-speed rail LTE-R system,in which the communication between the train and the base station will be affected by Doppler shift and multi-path interference of complex terrain.In order to solve the inter-carrier interference problem of high-speed rail communication,we propose two different schemes,one is the new windowing algorithm to mitigate the inter-carrier interference of high-speed rail.By combining inter-carrier interference self-cancellation and weighting and overlap addition,side lobes can be reduced by weighting and overlapping addition,and the inter-carrier interference self-cancellation technique can further reduce the bit error rate.In the simulation results,we considered different high-speed railway conditions and confirmed that our algorithm achieves better performance at the minimum bit error rate compared to the traditional self-cancellation algorithm.The other is a precoding processing strategy,which extracts the Doppler interference matrix from the channel matrix and performs precoding processing on the Doppler interference matrix received by the OFDM subcarrier.The multipath interference caused by complex terrain is also processed by precoding technology.Our goal is to minimize the bit error rate performance at the receiver by jointly processing the pre-transmitted signal with the precoding and interference matrix.At the same time,the model we use uses the angular domain method to simulate the angular variation between train and base station to reduce the impact of train movement.The numerical results show that the joint processing of precoding and interference matrix can greatly reduce the bit error rate.In addition,it also shows that compared to the inter-carrier interference self-cancellation scheme,our proposed scheme can double the spectrum utilization.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-speed railway wireless communication, windowing algorithm, precoding processing, inter-carrier interference cancellation
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