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Research On The Improvement Effect Of Different Organic Materials On Coastal Saline Soil

Posted on:2019-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2370330596955670Subject:Plant Nutrition
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Coastal saline-alkaline soil is an important source of expanding arable land area in China's coastal areas.As one of the main bases for agricultural production,people have been trying to explore new solutions that are appropriate for their proper development and utilization,and strive to solve outstanding environmental problems.It is of great significance to form a green ecological environment and way of life at an early date and improve the development of the local economy.This paper adopts indoor simulation cultivation and biological potting methods to study four modifiers?organic fertilizer,bio-organic fertilizer,organic-inorganic composites?.Fertilizers and fermented bacteria)The improvement effect of saline saline-alkaline soil at different application rates,ie,some basic physical and chemical properties of the soil?organic matter,pH,alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen,available phosphorus,available potassium?and composition of salt ions Impact,combined with bio pot trials of corn,analyzed the effects of four modifiers on corn growth.The results are as follows:?1?The organic matter content of organic manure,bio-organic fertilizer,and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer increased significantly with the increase of the ratio of soil to soil,and the fermented strain increased first and then decreased with the increase of the ratio of soil to soil.The treatment of organic-inorganic compound fertilizers with the same amount of four modifiers had the best effect on the increase of soil organic matter content.?2?Between the same amount of different modifiers,the four modifiers treatment significantly reduced the soil pH value compared with the blank treatment,and the addition of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer treatment showed the most obvious decrease trend of the soil pH value.The culture experiment was 20%.When compared to soil pH reached 7.70.The soil pH dropped to 7.30 in the pot experiment.?3?The available phosphorus in soil increased with the increase of the amount of modifier.The 20%ratio of fertilizer to soil was the optimum amount of available phosphorus for each treatment,and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer had the most obvious effect on increasing the available phosphorus content.In the pot experiment,available phosphorus in 0-15 cm soil layer increased to 171 mg/kg.The available phosphorus in the 15-30 cm soil layer increased to146.2 mg/kg.?4?Four modifiers all increase the content of available potassium in the soil,and with the increase of the ratio of fertilizer to soil,the content of soil available potassium is proportional to it.When the amount reaches 10%,the amount of available potassium is increased again.The impact of change is not significant.?5?The treatment of four modifiers increased the content of alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen in the soil steadily,reaching a maximum of 171.26 mg/kg,179.41 mg/kg,308.26 mg/kg,117.43mg/kg when the ratio of fertilizer to soil reached 20%.?6?Adding 4 kinds of modifiers without using can reduce the content of water-soluble salt in coastal waters,and the content of water-soluble salts in bio-organic fertilizer after 20%of fertilizer-soil ratio is lower than CK by 57.6%.The effects of different gradients of the same kind of modifier on soil salt ions were compared.It was found that the content of HCO3-,Cl-,Na+,etc.decreased under the treatment of various modifiers,and Mg2+,K+,etc.had an upward trend.There was little change in the effect of SO42-.?7?In the pot experiment,the effects of four self-made improvers on the physicochemical properties of the saline-alkaline soil and the growth of maize seedlings were studied.The results showed that:The four modifiers can effectively increase soil organic matter,available phosphorus,available potassium,and alkali-hydrolyzed nitrogen,and reduce soil pH,alkalinity,water-soluble salt content,and electrical conductivity.The contents of HCO3-,Cl-,and Na+in the soil decreased,and the contents of Mg2+and K+increased,while the content of SO42-did not change significantly.?8?Pot experiment showed that corn seedlings grew well.After adding 4 amendments,corn seedling height increased by 46.3%,seedling fresh weight increased by 25.4%,and seedling fresh weight increased by 42.8%.
Keywords/Search Tags:coastal saline-alkaline soil, salt-based ions, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, maize seedlings
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