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Research On Certificateless Aggregate Signature Based On Bilinear Pairing And Its Application

Posted on:2018-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H H NieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2358330542478522Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Boneh et al.introduced the concept of aggregate signature for the first time in Eurocrypt 2003.Aggregate signature algorithms combine n signatures on n different messages from n distinct users into one aggregated signature.The aggregated signature allows the verifier to authenticate the n signatures by verifying the final aggregate signature.Thus,the workload of signature verifier will be greatly reduced.Both memory space and communication cost will also be saved,since which the efficiency of computation and communication is drastically improved.Therefore,aggregate signature schemes are attractive to applications in environments with low bandwidth communications,low storage and low computability such as mobile authentication.At present,many domestic and foreign scholars have proposed a large number of aggregation signature scheme that based on different cryptosystem,which promotes the development of aggregation signature.However,there are some weakness in these achievements,such as lack of security,efficiency is not high,the length of aggregate signature is too long or grows linearly with the number of aggregated signatures.or the purpose of solving these problems,this paper has carried on the thorough research to the certificateless aggregation signature and the following is the main research contents and results.Firstly,in this paper an efficient and secure certificateless aggregate signature scheme based on bilinear pairings is presented.In the random model,it is proven existentially unforgeable against type ? and type ? adversary's adaptive chosen message and identity attacks(EUF-CLAS-CMIA)under the hardness assumption of the computational Diffie-Hellman problem.Compared with similar articles,the advantages of the program are:1.The final aggregate signature of our proposed certificateless aggregate signature scheme only consists of two group elements,which have a lower storage and communication cost.2.The verification algorithm needs only four pairing computations,which does not linearly increase with the number of signatures being aggregated,which make a high computational efficiency and save time greatly.Secondly,in the specific life application scene VANET,the road side units need to authenticate a large number of vehicles in a very short time,if these message signatures verification can be aggregated,a lot of verification time and verification delay can be saved.Therefore we put forward a privacy-preserving V2I authentication scheme without certificates.Compared with the first scheme,the new scheme still have the.two major advantages of the first scheme.And new scheme creatively provides controlled anonymity,i.e.,each vehicle is distributed a pseudonym( assumed identity)to guarantee the private communication,at the same time,a legal trace authority(TRA)can retrieve the real identity from any pseudo identity for any dispute event.Finally,we summarize the research work in this paper,and also discusse some directions that will be researched in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:certificateless aggregate signature, computational Diffie-Hellman problem(CDH), Bilinear Pairings, batch verification, vehicular ad hoc networks, privacy-preserve
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