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Analysis And Design On Certificateless Signature Schemes

Posted on:2018-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330515497933Subject:Information security
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In the wireless network communication depth development environment,network technology is also the rapid development,at the same time,the network structure becomes quite complicated,therefore,the information security problems are increasingly prominent and severe.In order to fundamentally solve this problem,the most direct,the most effective means is supported by the password techniques,the study found that in addition to being able to realize the digital signature of the message sender as identification,can also for the certification of the authenticity of the message itself.With the deepening of information,the digital signature to get a number of theoretical development and practical application,and gradually become a core component of information security.Certificateless public key cryptography of digital signature can solve the problem of heavy certificate management and key escrow,and the benefits of aggregate signature is in the system can effectively reduce required for storage capacity and reduce the computational complexity and save the overhead of communicate-on.Combining both the advantages of constructing safe and efficient Certificateless Aggregate Signature with excellent application characteristics,especially in some large network environment,the message aggregation and upload needs a lot of computation and communication overhead.In this paper,based on the research in this field at home and abroad,mainly analyzed and improved a series of general or special certificateless signature schemes,confirm the security requirements,and puts forward a new scheme,specific work is as follows:(1)In this paper,in-depth analysis and proves that the Chen et scheme couldn't resist forgery attack.In order to solve these problems,this paper puts forward an improved certificateless aggregate signature scheme,rigorously proved that the new scheme can effectively resist two types of attacks in the certificateless attack model,guarantee the expected safety requirements.Finally,compared with the performance of existing similar schemes,the aggregation signature of this scheme is short and fixed,the conmmunication cost is smaller,the efficiency and the security are higher.(2)This paper deeply analyzes the yu-lei zhang et scheme of security issues,and gives the specific examples of attacks.Research and thinking the defects existing in the scheme,this paper designs a new certificateless aggregate signature scheme,and rigorously proved that the new scheme can effectively resist two types of attacks in the certificateless attack model,guarantee the expected safety requirements.Performan ce analysis show that the scheme in the usability and safety have significantly improve and strengthen.
Keywords/Search Tags:Certificateless Signature, Aggregate Signature, Bilinear Pairings, Certificateless Aggregate Signature
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