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Research On Vehicle Routing Problem In Logistics Distribution

Posted on:2018-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330563451329Subject:Surveying and mapping engineering
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Logistics distribution is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the national economy,how to achieve effective management of its process,reduce operating costs,it has become the point of logistics enterprises' attention.How to solve the problem of vehicle routing problem(VRP)is the key to generate reasonable logistics distribution scheme.Good algorithm can reduce the number of logistics vehicles,reduce the unloading rate of distribution vehicles,improve the efficiency of logistics distribution and reduce the cost of logistics distribution.VRP is the core of logistics distribution and is the enthusiasm of the majority of scholars.Based on the global convergence of genetic algorithm and the positive feedback of ant colony algorithm pheromone,a hybrid algorithm is proposed to solve the problem of vehicle routing problem in single distribution center.Based on it,the paper focuses on the routing problem of multi-distribution center based on time window constraints.Based on the MGIS platform,the paper uses the plug-in technology to design and implement the prototype system,and verify the effectiveness of the algorithm.The main research contents and innovations are as follows:1?The paper studies the components of the vehicle routing problem,the characteristics of the factors and the classification of vehicle routing problems and discusses the application of graph theory in road network expression,including basic concepts,storage methods and their expression.It analyzes the different algorithms to solve the problem of vehicle routing and lays the foundation of the research.2?The experimental results show that the genetic algorithm has a fast global convergence,and the ant colony algorithm has a fast local convergence performance.Combining the characteristics of the two,designing a hybrid algorithm to establish a mathematical model for solving vehicle routing problems in a single distribution center uses a hybrid algorithm to solve the problems.3?This paper focuses on the traditional method,the whole method and the optimization algorithm to solve the multi-distribution center vehicle routing problem.It focuses on the routing problem of the multi-distribution center vehicle with time window constraints,and establishes the mathematical model of the minimum transportation cost.Aiming at this problem,an optimization algorithm for multi-distribution center vehicle routing problem with time window constraints is designed.Using the algorithm to solve the problem,verifying the effectiveness of the optimization algorithm in multi-distribution center with time window constraints.4?Using MGIS application platform,makes the single distribution center,multi-distribution center issues and time window constraints of multi-distribution center system integrated;designing and implementing the system of enterprise logistics and military logistics and distribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics Distribution, Hybrid Algorithm, Single Distribution Center, Multi-distribution Center, Time Window
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