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Research On Logistics Distribution Center Location And Distribution Route Planning Of A New Retail Enterprise

Posted on:2020-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of China's logistics industry,consumers' demand for fresh food is also growing.Because fresh food has high requirements on freshness and shelf life,and strict requirements on temperature and storage conditions,there is a big difference in the geographical distribution between manufacturers and demanders,which leads to the logistics cost of fresh food in China.Stay high.In recent years,the new retail model has developed rapidly,and its characteristics coincide with the development strategies of fresh enterprises.Therefore,many fresh-keeping enterprises have transformed into new retail models,so they have chosen their new logistics companies for their logistics distribution centers.The optimization of the distribution path is a hot issue in the current logistics field.This paper takes a new retail enterprise logistics network as the research object,firstly investigates and analyzes the domestic and foreign research status of logistics distribution center location and route planning.Secondly,based on the characteristics of new retail logistics and fresh food,analyzes and summarizes a certain The problems and causes of new retail enterprises;Thirdly,based on the characteristics of fresh foods,this paper introduces the related concepts of the loss of cost and time window of fresh food and customer satisfaction,and builds the location of fresh food logistics distribution,The bi-level planning model of path optimization problem makes the new retail logistics of fresh food reach the overall system optimal and achieve the lowest total logistics cost.Finally,the two-stage algorithm combined with genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm is combined with the actual data of the enterprise.Solve the model with MATLAB.The final calculation results of this paper can be concluded through simulation.Constructing a bilevel programming model to solve the problem of new retail logistics distribution center location-path optimization problem can effectively reduce logistics cost,shorten delivery time and optimize logistics network.The research results of this paper provide a reference for the new retail enterprise to make the distribution center location decision and path planning method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bilevel programming model, Distribution center location, Vehicle routing optimization, Genetic algorithm, Ant colony algorithm
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