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Study On In-memory Database Technology And Application In Network Security Management System

Posted on:2017-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518495817Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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As in-memory database stores data in memories,its performance is much better than traditional disk-resident database and possesses high application value.Meanwhile,with the continuous increase of memory capacity and the constant decline of memory prices,in-memory database gradually turns from an imagination into a reality.In recent years,studies on in-memory database attract more and more attention.With the unceasing emergence of theoretical innovations on in-memory database index,data storage,concurrency control,etc.,in-memory database has become a focus of studies on database,a Large database vendors launch relevant in-memory database products in succession to grab market share,which further accelerates the popularization of in-memory database.In-memory database has become one of the important solutions for various applications to solve performance problems.In this paper,we propose a higher range query efficiency and space utilization ratio index structure.On the basis of research on main memory database,we apply the main memory database to the network security management system to improve existing functional and performance defects of the system.The specific results are listed as follows:(1)We propose a higher range query efficiency and space utilization ratio index structure through expanding the B+ tree's single leaf node to double leaves and improve the corresponding algorithm.The experiments show that the range query efficiency in DLB+ tree is twice as fast as B+ Tree when the data reach a certain number.(2)Improve the current system's functionality and performance defects in the aspects of database storage and retrieval.Redesign and improve the system user management module' s single sign-on and access control function,and the security event management module' s event matching and real-time event monitoring by utilizing main memory database's storage flexibility and retrieval high efficiency.Later,it designed a corresponding persistence scheme by aiming at the data inconsistency condition caused by main memory database(3)Functional and performance tests are carried out for the improved network security management system.The functional test result proves the correct improvement design for the network security management system,while the performance test shows that the improved module performance has been enhanced significantly.(4)This paper also sums up several utilization methods of the main memory database in practices and presents three kinds of typical practice in main memory database which can be available for reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:main memory database, index algorithm, range querying, network security management system
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