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Research On The Effect Of Backlash On Electro-hydraulic Servo System And Its Compensation Method

Posted on:2015-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Electro-hydraulic servo control system is widely used in manufacturing aerospace,equipment, vehicles and all kinds of engineering plant for its advantages from both electrical and hydraulic control. People have high requirements for the performance of electro-hydraulic servo system with the consistency of high performance of the accuracy or reliability of industrial products. The mechanical structure of electro-hydraulic servo system has a variety of nonlinear factors, with the typical of backlash nonlinearity. These nonlinear factors have many adverse effects on the performance of the system control and great challenges of the accuracy of the control system. Therefore, it's necessary to research these nonlinear factors,especially the backlash nonlinearity to seek ways to eliminate its adverse effects.This paper mainly researches on the Electro-hydraulic servo control system considering the effect of backlash,and studies on the compensation method for the effect of backlash on the servo control system. Firstly,this paper studies the characteristics of backlash,and obverses the response of the servo system, during which lots of higher-order harmonics caused by the backlash could be seen. In case that the regular method to turning the parameters of PID controller cannot meet the demand of the following research, the method based on genetic algorithm to PID turning is discussed and it turns out to be good enough for the research. In the end, compensator based on the model of backlash inverse is used to compensate the response of the servo system. Results of the research show that the compensator has a good impact on the compensation of the effect of backlash.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electro-hydraulic servo system, nonlinear of backlash, backlash inverse, compensation of harmonic, genetic algorithm
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