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Data Visualization Of Open Linked Data

Posted on:2018-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512475605Subject:Software development
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In the continuous development of World Wide Web,a large volume of data,which has complex structure and semantic rich,has been produced.How to deal with these data and extract the useful information efficiently is a challenge both for developers and researchers.In recent years,the rise of semantic web technology provide a new solution to solve this kind of problems.Through RDF(Resource Description Framework),OWL(Web Ontology Language),and other semantic web technologies,it defined a basic framework for online information.By semantic description of network resources and the relation among others,so that the informatin can be understood by computer directly,and computer can query and processing the data.It greatly saves the manpower and time consuming.In the context of the semantic web,this paper combines the data visualization technology to interpret the linked data from the new perspective.In this paper,the research mainly focus on open source RDF datasets and data query,It realizes the three visualizations:the visualization of legal domain-Eli France,through 5 different aspects implement a dynamic and interactive visual interface;the visualization of cross-domain cross-language knowledge database DBpedia,with two different representation,generate a vivid visualized semantic browser;And the visualization of Sparql,the query language of Linked data,which greatly facilitates the user to quickly understand the ontology and generate queries.Based on the concept of Semantic Web and the analyse of opensource linked datasets,this project presents and describes the network resource information with dynamic interactive visualization interface.By separating the design and the implementation technologies,the user can generate queries and send queries to get result without basic knowledge.This system is a collaborative project between KB CRAWL SAS and Eli France,which has been displayed in the meetup with Eli and OpenLaw,and approved with favorable comment.The example proves that the visual linked data describes the data structure of the semantic web clearly,and providing the user with a quick and convenient statistical visualization and analysis method on linked data.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Semantic Web, Data Visualization, Linked Data, DBpedia, Eli France, Sparql
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