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Design And Implementation Of An Isolation Testing System For IaaS Performance

Posted on:2017-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330491959934Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) performance isolation refers to the interaction between virtual machines(VMs) performance in IaaS. If the performance isolation is worse, the virtual machine performance will be vulnerable to other VMs. It results in not providing performance guarantees to VMs, and not conforming to the national standard-"Information security technology-Security capability requirements of cloud computing services" (GB/T 31168-2014). Therefore, it is necessary to test isolation for IaaS performance.The general test methods have two drawbacks:(1) Only for virtualization technology, like Xen, KVM. Cloud computing is the result of the evolution and adoption of existing technologies and paradigms. Only for virtualization technology, can not measure the isolation for IaaS performance. (2) VMs are small in number. The general test methods are using only 3-4 VMs for testing, but cloud computing has many new characteristics, like strong elasticity. A few of virtual machine have little influence on cloud platform, it can not measure the isolation for IaaS performance.To improve the general test methods, this dissertation provides the following solutions:(1) IaaS cloud platform will be regarded as black-box. The test not only for virtualization technology, but also for every technology in cloud platform. (2) Through analysis of the main factors that affect performance isolation, the tester cloud builds a large number of VMs to test isolation for IaaS performance. Therefore, this dissertation proposes a method of using a large number of VMs cooperating with each other to test the performance isolation of computing, networking, and storage resources, etc.Designed and implemented an isolation testing system for IaaS performance in this dissertation. Utilizing distributed architecture based on message, the system can use tenants'information to automatically create virtual machines, build test network topology, and flexibly customize test cases. This system is loose coupled and flexible expansion, it adapts to the features of cloud computing, like multi-tenant, resource pooling, and strong elasticity, etc. This dissertation presents the detail method of test the isolation of IaaS performance, and the test results are analyzed and quantified.In May 2016, the author used the system to test a city's e-government Cloud platform in Anhui. The system uses provided virtual machines to automatically build a test network topology and distribute test cases to test nodes. The test includes the performance isolation of CPU, memory, network and disk. The test results demonstrate the feasibility of the test method and the practicability of the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:cloud computing, security capability requirements, performance isolation, multi-tenant, IaaS
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