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Research On Multi-Tenant's Privacy Security In Cloud Computing

Posted on:2018-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330548980342Subject:Communication and Information System
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Cloud computing with the development of information network has been constantly promoted,followed by cloud security incidents emerge in an endless stream,to cloud computing mode of multi-tenant privacy security has brought a serious Wei rib.In order to improve the reliability of cloud computing services,to prevent malicious attacks,illegal access and theft of information and other malicious acts,must be used in an effective way to protect the privacy of users.At the same time,the data storage in the cloud environment also has great security risks,in order to avoid the access to illegal users,this paper also based on the introduction of more mature homomorphic encryption technology,put forward a cloud security storage model.This paper focuses on improving the security of identity authentication and storage security in cloud environment.The main research work is as follows:(1)The analysis of the traditional classic identity authentication,the analysis of its shortcomings and find out where the malpractice,for the identity of the program to provide ideas.(2)Research on several kinds of classical authentication technology,and put forward a kind of dynamic authentication technology,mainly through the introduction of uncertain factors R,in the process of certification so that the message sent to randomly change the idea to improve the whole The security of identity authentication.(3)The feasibility of the identity authentication scheme is verified and discussed by SVO logic.And through several types of classic programs in the number of communications,authentication,hardware,authentication algorithms and other aspects of comparison.(4)At the same time,considering the advantages and disadvantages of the model,we propose an improved cloud-safe storage model based on the homomorphic encryption algorithm,which is based on the analysis and research of the current classical cloud security storage model.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud computing model, multi-tenant, dynamic password, SVO, Homomorphic encryption
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