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Research And Application Of Partially Blind Signature

Posted on:2017-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330509450250Subject:Applied Mathematics
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The partially blind signature scheme is not only maintaining the blind characteristics of blind signature, but also solved the shortcoming of the signature can not be traced in blind signature, it can prevent effectively the signatures are abused by illegal elements. Set up a public information which was previously concerted by signer and the user in partially blind signature scheme, this public information can be some important information you need to save, for example, it may also be the signature time and also can be the validity of the signature, and other important information, and in the process of signature the signer can put these public information embedded in the signature, and it can not be deleted or illegally modified. This feature of the partially blind signature is favored in major areas, it has great significance in real life. However, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the security in many of the major areas is increasingly threatened, it is imperative to strengthen the security of partially blind signature in the major areas, at the same time, we should improve constantly the research methods and improve the efficiency of study, constructing efficient security partially blind signature scheme.In this paper, the analysis of security about a previous certificateless partially blind signature scheme, finding that there was a public information tampered illegally by a user flaw. In order to avoid this vulnerability bring greater security risk, in that case,the public information can be safely used and not been tampered, this paper gives an improved certificateless partially blind signature scheme based on the collusion attack algorithm with k traitors(k-CAA) and inverse computational Diffie-Hellman(ICDH) problem was proposed, then on the correctness of the agreement, partially blind, security gives the relevant proof.The new scheme is proved to be existentially unforgeable for adaptive chosen message and attacks from two kinds of adversaries in random oracle model.We can master the design ideas and skills based on the previous analysis and improvement program. A certificateless partially blind signature without pairing scheme is put forward. The analysis of its correctness, security, efficiency and parameter choice are subsequently presented, and only gives the security proof under the second attacker in this scheme, and the same is the random oracle model as the basis in the proof. The new scheme based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem(DLP) and DLP assumption, without the use of Map-to-Point hash function, computational overhead is significantly lower than other partially blind signature scheme. The result shows that the scheme has higher security and better efficiency. Finally a secure and efficient electronic voting protocol is constructed based on the scheme, and the security is analyzed, showing that it satisfies the basic properties of the electronic voting protocol.
Keywords/Search Tags:partially blind signature, certificateless, bilinear pairing, random oracle model, discrete logarithm problem(DLP), electronic voting
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