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Keyword [bilinear pairing]
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1. Research On Some Key Technologies Of Anonymous Remote Attestaion Based On Group Signatures In Trusted Computing Enviroment
2. A Study On The Theory Of Mixed Signature And Its Proofable Security
3. Research On Digital Signature Theory And Algorithm
4. Investigation Of Digital Signature From Bilinear Pairing
5. Research On The Authentication And Key Agreement For Heterogeneous Wireless Network Interworking
6. Study On Digital Signatures From Bilinear Pairing
7. Research On Some Digital Signatures With Additional Properties
8. Applications Of ID-Based Cryptography To Mobile Ad Hoc Network
9. Design And Analysis Of Cryptographic Protocols From Bilinear Pairings
10. Research On Pairing-based Group Cryptography
11. Study And Design Of Universal Designated Verifier Signature Schemes
12. Study On Theory And Applications Of Identity-Based Authentication Protocols
13. Research On Authentication Schemes Based On Bilinear Pairings
14. Research On Cryptosystems And Key Agreement Protocols From Bilinear Pairings
15. Research And Design On Some Security Protocols
16. Research And Design Of The Signature Schemes Based On Bilinear Pairings
17. Research On ID-based Ring Signature
18. Research On Signcryption And Key Agreement Schemes From Bilinear Pairing
19. Research Of Group Key Management Protocol In Secure Multicast
20. Research On Key Technologies For Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols
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