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Afiberbragg Grating Interrogator Based On High Birefringence Fiber Loop Mirror And Wavelength Multiplexer

Posted on:2016-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Fiber Bragg grating(FBG)sensors, which has many advantages, has got wider and wider applications. In the FBG sensing system, the sensing signal is encoded in wavelength, so the developmentof wavelength demodulation technology with high precision, high stability,wide demodulation range and low price is very important. In this paper, a FBG interrogation aimsystembased on high birefringence fiber loop mirror and wavelength multiplexer, which has the ability of multi-wavelength interrogation and the advantages of all fiber design, wide demodulation range and high speed, has been designed and constructed. The main context includes:1. The filtering character of the high birefringence fiber loop mirror(Hi-Bi FLM),particularly the Hi-Bi FLM which is composed of twoorthogonally welded fibers is studied. The relationship between the demodulation range and the period of the transmission function is analyzed and the Hi-Bi FLM with wide demodulation range is designed.2.Based on Hi-Bi FLM and WDM, a FBG interrogation system with the ability of multi-wavelength demodulation is designed.3.A FBG interrogation system including optical circuit,photoelectric receiving and amplification circuit, data collection and procession and display is constructed and tested.
Keywords/Search Tags:wavelength demodulation, fiber Bragg grating, WDM, high birefringence fiber loop mirror
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