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Reaearch On The Intracavity-pumped Dual Wavelength Blue Laser Based On Sum-frequency Mixing

Posted on:2016-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Blue laser has a relatively wide range of applications, but is now able to achieve in the blue band of the laser radiation is very limited. Difficulties and challenges for the blue laser field, this paper presents a practical problem for this program: LD-pumped gain medium Nd: YLF radiate quasi-three-level laser 908 nm and there in the course of the oscillation in the resonator oscillation Endovenous laser energy is part of the gain medium Yb: YAG 1030 nm absorption while the four-level laser radiation, while the dual-wavelength laser resonator oscillation. Thus, it creates a quasi-three-level laser 908 nm and 1030 nm four-level laser resonant cavity while in their stable oscillation, place and frequency nonlinear crystal LBO in the overlap of the two wavelengths of the laser can be stabilized and frequency continuous output laser 482.5nm blue laser.In this paper, the nonlinear and frequency theory is applied to the theoretical model of dual-wavelength laser deduced pumping chamber and dual-wavelength blue laser frequency continuous rate equation, followed by introduction of the laser crystal--Nd: YLF crystal, Yb: YAG crystals, nonlinear crystals and frequency--LBO crystals, optical resonator--V type resonator, and the advantages and disadvantages over optical crystal and optical resonator, the physical and chemical properties and stability were analyzed by numerical calculation to a dual-wavelength laser and the corresponding time-frequency phase-matching angle and phase matching to allow walk-off angle curve; final numerical simulation using MATLAB calculated 482.5nm blue laser output characteristics under different conditions. The results of this paper is two-cavity pump wavelength and frequency of future research 482.5nm blue continuous laser theory has laid a good foundation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intracavity-pumped, Dual wavelength, Sum-frequency mixing, Blue laser
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