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Analysis On Effect Of Ring Resonators On Performance Of Resonator Integrated Optic Gyros

Posted on:2015-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y LiuFull Text:PDF
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Resonant integrated optic gyros use an optical waveguide ring resonator as the sensing cavity. Therefore, the performance of the ring resonator plays a key role to improve the accu racy of the gyros. In this thesis, systematic analysis is given on the effects of structural and material parameters of single- and dual-bus resonators on the performance of the gyros. The influence of the transmission loss, insertion loss and coupling loss on the transmission spectr um is calculated. It is shown that to suppress resonator loss is the key step in design and man ufacture the gyros. A detailed analysis about the influence of the resonator parameters on the slope of the frequency demodulation spectrum at resonant wavelength is carried out. Calcula tion shows that for both the resonator structures, the slope at under-coupling situation is grea ter than that at the critical coupling for a specific coupling coefficient. The demodulation cur ve slopes of the two structures are compared, and it is demonstrated that the single-bus reson ator exhibits a greater one. We calculate the impact of the laser linewidth on the transmission spectrum. When the linewidth is less than 10 kHz, its influence can be ignored. Study in this thesis may provide a reference for optimal design of the optical waveguide ring resonators to enhance the sensing accuracy of resonant integrated optic gyros.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resonator integrated optic gyro, optical waveguide ring resonator, transmission loss, critical coupling
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