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Research On Frequency Conversion Based On Four-wave Mixing In Photonic Crystal Fiber

Posted on:2016-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330479451038Subject:Optical Engineering
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The most prominent feature of photonic crystal fiber is very significant nonlinear characteristics, including the frequency conversion and supercontinuum generation, etc. This article mainly introduced the basic theory of the photonic crystal fiber, and used the finite element method on the effective mode area and nonlinear coefficient. Then the experimental study on the optical fiber, and the results are analyzed and compared. In this paper, the specific research contents are as follows:Firstly, we use the finite element method to obtain effective mode area fiber nonlinearity coefficient and chromatic dispersion coefficient curve. Through the analysis it is concluded that by changing the optical fiber air hole diameter and hole spacing, the nonlinearity coefficient can be controlled in nonlinear photonic crystal fibers, which will be the certain theoretical basis for the design of photonic crystal fiber.Secondly, we get the dispersion curve, effective mode area curve and nonlinear coefficient curve by the numerical simulation. Based on four-wave mixing effect for simulating optical fiber phase matching, it is concluded that phase matching relation curve with wavelength. Then the phenomenon of frequency conversion spectrum are obtained in experiments, by changing the incident laser wavelength and the input power get different spectrum.Finally, as the basis of in theoretical and experimental research of the first fiber, the familiar optical fiber is studied in numerical simulation and experiment. Experimental phenomena obtained in the experiment for the efficient frequency conversion. Finally, compared with the two experiments, and it is concluded that the second group experiment has the superiority in frequency conversion efficiency, wavelength shift and infrared wavelengths, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, Finite element method, Four-wave mixing, Phase matching, Frequency converters
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