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Study On Properties Of Infrared AgCIBr Photonic Crystal Fiber

Posted on:2014-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395484133Subject:Optical engineering
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With the rapid development of optical fiber technology, the application fiber waveband isshifting from near infrared band to the longer far infrared band forward. Unlike ordinary opticalfiber for signal transmission, infrared fiber is always using transferring laser energy. Recent decades,we have launched a large n mber of theoretical studies in the field of infrared fiber, and graduallyturned into the practical applications. At present, it has already been widely used transferring theCO2laser energy in medicine and industry, and sensor applications.Photonic crystal fiber is divided into total internal reflection photonic crystal fiber (TIR PCF)and photonic band gap fiber (PBG PCF). In this paper, by comparing the material’s optical andphysical characteristics and using the finite element method (FEM) to designed the AgClBr totalinternal reflection photonic crystal fiber (TIR PCF) so that it can transmit CO2laser. And theeffective refractive index, effective mode area, waveguide dispersion and leakage loss of totalinternal reflection photonic crystal fiber are investigated by finite element method (FEM) in thisarticle. The effect of the period lattice, the medi m filling factor on the propagation characteristicsof total internal reflection photonic crystal fiber is discussed. Simulation results show thatincreasing the medi m filling factors and the n mber of cladding layer and choosing theappropriate lattice constant can help reduce the loss. These results having achieved some usefulconclusions are very important during the process of the PCF’s designing.Simultaneously, all solid photonic crystal fiber has a variety of interesting properties such aseasy fabrication as well as easily coupling with traditional fibers which have been widely applied inthe fields like fiber lasers, fiber grating and etc. The Plane Wave Method (PWM) are used toanalyze the photonic bandgap and modal properties of all solid photonic crystal fiber, and studiedthe impact of AgClBr photonic crystal fiber bandgap by changing the all solid photonic bandgapfiber cladding medi m col mn diameter, lattice period and different cladding diameter of themedi m col mn. It is useful to provide the theory basis for designing AS PBGF with variousproperties. Therefore, this article proposes photonic band gap optical fiber for transmitting infraredCO2laser, wishing to compensate the deficiencies of the general infrared optical fibers.
Keywords/Search Tags:AgClBr infrared photonic crystal fiber, all solid photonic bandgap fiber, CO2lasertransmission, Plane Wave Method (PWM), Vector Finite Element Method (FEM)
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