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Study On The Influence Of Coupling Efficiency Of Optical Fiber Transmission Based On The Fused Tapered Fiber

Posted on:2016-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330473465281Subject:Optical engineering
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Fiber end shape has a relatively vital effect on related indices of fiber coupling. The higher the rate of optical fiber transmission system is, the greater the reflected light affect on the system. The reflected light can feed back into the laser source, causing instability and noise of system, which leads to unreliable transmission information. Then we put forward the idea that the end face can be made into curved surface by tapering to match with fiber system and be connected with low loss and extremely low back reflection, getting higher return loss. First study on the research from the aspects of theory,simulation software using BPM.Studying on the comparative analysis of different shape taper on the output optical power of the optical paths of optical fiber data.Secondly, study on the basis of fusion function of fiber fusion splicer, the fixture moves reversely in the melt when it discharges and the fiber obtains radial tension in the molten state that can change the fiber radial size distribution. Then fiber end face can form a curved surface with a certain cone. In this paper we measure return loss and insert loss of fiber end faces respectively corresponding to different discharge time and intensity. In comparison with fiber flat end, we conclude that return loss of tapered fiber can reach 36 dB,that insert loss of tapered fiber can reach 0.9dB,and to our knowledge,it is the first time that the rule insert loss changes to when the coupling end distance changes put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:fused tapered fiber, the influence of coupling efficiency of optical fiber transmission, Insert Loss, Return Loss
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