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The Design And Implementation Of Digital Archive Based Oncloud Computing

Posted on:2015-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S F HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330473452557Subject:Software engineering
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In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud computing, SaaS(Software as a Service)mode become a new Software application mode.The characteristics of SaaS model is the software service providers can deploy the software on their own server and manage it.The users enjoy the software services in the form of a lease which provided by software providers. Saa S model typical characteristics is multi-tenant. Many users share a set of software by access control, resource allocation, and rapid customization.,which can overcome the shortconming such as long traditional software development cycle, high cost and maintenance cumbersome.Not only improve the applicability of the software, but also greatly reduce the burden on the software purchase, building, maintain and so on.This paper proposes the design requirements of SaaS mode by analysising the problems in digital data managementof yankuang group,combining the characteristics of the cloud platform.Which using hierarchical design, the abstract factory pattern and SOA architecture implementing a set of digital library system based on cloud computing platform. This system provides the multi-tenant services of digital information management oriented group affiliated enterprises at all levels, After the enterprise users to customize service, they can build, run on the cloud platform to their own “digital library” directly, and can be adjusted according to the requirements of dynamic application required hardware resources, which can save a lot of hardware and software purchase cost and maintenance cost.The process of system design fully considers the characteristics of cloud computing platform, and multi-tenant SaaS software, mainly uses the service-oriented SOA architecture and hierarchical design thought. System can be divided intosix big modules,which is the user center, basic management, process management, data management, report management and query retrieval,.Each module series communicates in series through Web Service interface, and form a integration platform,having low coupling and high cohesion. We mainly consider the database structure design of multi-tenancy mode of data storage, and provide subject database supportion for data service, ensuring the independent enterprise and flexible sharing in data management.The development of system implementation mainly uses the abstract factory pattern and. NET technology. Through the layered architecture, the whole system can be divided into physical layer, data access layer, business logic layer, interface layer and presentation layer, to abstracting and encapsulating of typical functions highly, which ensures the code structure clearly and reuse easily, and improves the system’s configurability,scalability, and security. Finally, we recount the key technology and core functions in the process of implementation in detail, and suport the final system operation interface.
Keywords/Search Tags:cloud computing, SaaS, SOA, multi tenant, Web Service
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