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Research On Key Technologies Of User Behavior And Information Monitoring Service SaaS Cloud Platform

Posted on:2020-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of "Internet +",computers have become the most indispensable facility to the daily work of all enterprises.As this trend,it has become more and more difficult for business managers to identify the work content of employees when they are working.It is necessary to monitor the employees' work computers and what they have done.The data and informations of the enterprise are all stored on the server computer,but there are many attacks on the network for the server computer.It is necessary to monitor the computer process and various behavior informations all time,so that computers could discover abnormal behaviors in time.These problems need to be solved urgently.This topic combines the big data component technology and builds the SaaS cloud platform model of user behavior and information monitoring service.It has certain practical significance for the research of multi-tenant user behavior and information monitoring cloud platform.Firstly,it describes the development status of computer monitoring and protection at home and abroad,analyzes the application scenarios of cloud technology,and summarizes the problems in the software design architecture and data interaction processing of existing monitoring products.To the end,it illustrates the characteristics of the multi-tenant model in cloud computing,and dissects the common types of attacks and detection rules,Kafka message queue and other technologies.Secondly,the framework and architecture of a user behavior and information monitoring system are designed.Based on the idea of “separation of concerns ” in software engineering,a flexible coupling with “ data transceiving layer,analysis and decision layer and cloud management layer ” is constructed.The hierarchical model generally describes the functions and interaction processes of each level in the model.At the same time,the key module function design scheme are introduced in detail.Thirdly,combined with the design of key functions of user behavior and information monitoring cloud platform level model,the cloud platform development environment is configured,the technical route is established,and the system framework is built.It implements collect monitoring data,multi-tenant management,policy setting,real-timemonitoring of clients,policy delivery mechanism,real-time data flow matching with rule base for security detection,and discovery of abnormal functions such as abnormal alarms.Finally,the experimental environment of the cloud service platform is configured to verify the function of the cloud service platform.The process from multiple tenant application services to the discovery of abnormal data alarms was verified.The function is complete and effective,indicating that the user behavior and information monitoring cloud platform has strong practicability and can provide high-availability services for multi-tenants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud Service, Multi-tenant, Strategy issued, Real-time data security detection
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