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Research And Implementation Of Fast Index Algorithm Based On FPGA

Posted on:2016-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330461957488Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Index is the process and the technology based on user needs to find out related information. In recent years, the rapid development of Internet applications, the rapid growth of network traffic, such as routers, gateways and other hardware connected devices become increasingly demanding. Moreover, in data compression, pattern recognition, cache, data processing, data security, and data encryption, etc., fast index all play an important role. With the FPGA(Field Progrmmable Gate Array) technology to develop and mature, internal resources more abundant, low development cost, flexible, etc., make application more widely. Research and implementation of fast index algorithm based on FPGA is a trend and more flexible application on the actual design.Thesis, mainly studies the design and implementation of fast index algorithm based on hardware. First the paper introduces the FPGA structure and resources. And the development of engineering process and conditions of design that need attention are described, for a better implementation of the algorithm laid the foundation. Then several common index algorithms are described to introduce the concept and characteristics of various algorithms. Further, the implementation structure of each algorithm is proposed, and analyzed to determine the CAM fast index methods; Focuses on the principles of how to implement CAM in FPGA, in-depth study of the use of FPGA internal resources to achieve flexible CAM method. By using two kinds of resources to achieve CAM methods are cmopared simply. For these two methods simulation, single-cycle to find a match, to fast search the data results. And implemented in two different application methods have advantages and disadvantages will be explained, according to CAM design and build their own needs.It is method of accomplishing CAM based on the SRL16 E by completing the application in different cases of network date frames format conversion, and it can achieve the goal of fast transmiting. It is a fexible and rapid index way to apply CAM in FPGA through practical cases by analyzing the rate under different network interface.
Keywords/Search Tags:FPGA, Searching algorithm, CAM, Fast searching, Modelsim simulation
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