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Keyword [Searching algorithm]
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1. Study On The Technology Of Target Image Detection And Image Segmentation Based On High Dimensional Visual Feature Model
2. The Research On Group Searching Algorithm Of P2P Network
3. Key Technologies Research Of Satellite Timing Receivers
4. Vector Quantization And Its Application To Image Processing
5. Design Of LDPC Codes With Capacity-Approaching Random-Like Construction
6. Research On High Performance Parallel Algorithms Based On GPU
7. Web Content Such As Search And Index Cache
8. Research And Realization Of General Searching Algorithms Of Optimal Problems
9. The Research And Application Of Searching Algorithm And Resources Optimal Allocation Strategy In P2P Network
10. Study Of A Kind Of Mining Association Rule Finding And Its Updating Algorithm Based Searching Algorithm
11. Research Of Fast Searching Algorithm In Large Scale Face Database
12. Research Of QoS-Based Dynamic Multicast Routing Tree And Hierarchical Multicast Protocol
13. The Study Of Searching Algorithm Of The P2P Networks
14. Study On Resource Discovering And Searching Method In Unstructured Peer-To-Peer Networks
15. Research On Storage And Management And Searching Algorithm Of Education Resources Based On Grid
16. Research On The Signal Timing And Spatial Selection Technology
17. Research Of Clustering And Searching Algorithm In Large Scale Face Database
18. Study On Searching Methods For Peer-to-Peer Networks Based On Ontology And Clustering
19. Study On P2P Network Search Algorithms Based On Classification And Feedback
20. Research On Chord Protocol Based Peer-to-Peer Network Model And Searching Technology
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