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The Research Of Sensing Characteristics Of Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensors

Posted on:2015-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467455287Subject:Optical Engineering
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Photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is also termed Micro-structured optical fiber (MOF) or holeyfiber. Due to its unique structure features and novel optical characteristics, PCF has beenincreasingly explored for a large variety of applications ranging from communications tosensing. Especially in the field of fiber optic sensing, Photonic crystal fiber combined withevanescent wave sensing technology with high sensitivity detection and surface plasmonresonance sensing technology, produces photonic crystal fiber evanescent wave sensors andphotonic crystal fiber surface plasmon resonance sensor, the both sensors are widely used inthe field of biological and chemical sensing detection. So they soon will surely attract moreattention and become a hot topic around the world. In this paper, the sensing properties ofphotonic crystal fiber sensor carried on the thorough research, and innovatively proposed thedesign of new type structure of photonic crystal fiber sensor model, and finite elementanalysis method was used to study the new structure of the sensor sensing properties, toobtain the sensor’s sensing mechanism and the optimal structure of the model, laid atheoretical foundation for future research on photonic crystal fiber sensor.In this paper, the research content mainly includes:This paper in the first and the third chapter introduces the characteristics of photoniccrystal fiber optic evanescent wave sensor and photonic crystal fiber surface plasmonresonance sensors and the basic principle of sensors. Summarizes the photonic crystal fibersensor based on evanescent wave and surface plasmon resonance research present situation.Then in the second chapter introduces the fiber photonic crystals commonly used numericalmethods, focusing on the finite element method.1. A new model based on photonic crystal fiber evanescent wave sensor is proposed, thenusing COMSOL Multiphysics calculation software for the design of the evanescent wavesensing model for numerical simulation, getting the sensing model under a particularwavelength of mode field distribution and the base model of effective refractive index, modefield area, the ratio of holes in the energy and total energy, relative sensitivity, limit losses,bending loss curve along with the change of wavelength, and compared the changeparameters in the model effect on the relative sensitivity, limit losses and nonlinearparameters, and then by changing the model parameters such as pore size of the fiber core andair holes optimize the sensor model.2. The above model is designed to be changed, Four non-circular large air holes insides incladding plates a layer of gold film, Such a sensor sensing way by evanescent wave sensor tothe surface plasmon resonance sensor, then using COMSOL Multiphysics calculationsoftware for the design of the surface plasmon resonance sensing model for numericalsimulation, and by using the loss spectrum to analysis photonic crystal fiber surface plasmon resonance sensor characteristics model, to get the electric field distribution of the resonantpeak of the sensor model and the x-axis direction and a loss spectrum.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, evanescent wave, Surface Plasmon Resonance, sensitivity
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