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Mobile Communication Network Emergency Response Project Research

Posted on:2014-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330434952197Subject:Project management
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Currently, respond to emergencies emergency communications management will be increasingly affected countries in the world seriously, how natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents, disasters and other events occur as protect people’s lives and property safety, reduce losses, a common problem facing the world.Looking at the developed countries in responding to emergencies communication safeguards can be found with a lot of foreign advanced technology, management tools and methods, and have achieved outstanding results, which is the development of emergency communication management with reference value, emergency communications capabilities also be useful.Developed emergency communications developed earlier, after years of construction and practice of continuous inspection, has a considerable size. Among them, Japan, the United States and some European countries and regions have established a relatively perfect emergency communications system to respond to emergencies in recent years has played a prominent role.In contrast, China’s emergency communication system construction and many more emergency communication device configuration based. Dependence on the public communication network is higher, but the level of shared communication network is weak, such as the Wenchuan earthquake in Chengdu and Ya’an, once the disaster communication network incurs massive congestion filled. In the face of unexpected events, public communication network should first be transformed into "the biggest emergency communications network" for directing rescue provide whatever support. United States, Britain and other online promotion in public communication GETS, WPS and ACCOLC technology, is based on this consideration. At present, China’s public communication network construction rarely consider the emergency needs, particularly in terms of emergency priority access very lacking, resulting in the face of unexpected events, public communication network does not recognize the emergency command rescue workers call, leaving these important calls submerged in a huge network congestion being. After the earthquake, the communications industry lessons learned, and actively promote the construction of public communication network for emergency attributes China Communications Standards Association established the Ad Hoc Task Force emergency communications, satellite communications system has been approved research needs and to support emergency communications architecture technology requirements, regional spatial emergency communications systems, emergency public information programs and other short. Next, the research will also focus on our emergency priority access, inter-carrier enterprise network interoperability and other technical standards, and gradually improve our public communication network for emergency attributes. Therefore, how to gradually have a strong public communication network for emergency communication properties is a problem worthy of study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emergency Communications, Incident Management, The mobilecommunication management, Flow Control, Rapid response mechanism
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