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Study On Influencing Factors Of Snowmelt Runoff In Typical Frozen Soil Region

Posted on:2016-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S N TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2270330461486966Subject:Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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It is significant to research on the influence factor of snowmelt runoff. However, because of the extensively existing and complicated nondeterminacy in the process of hydrology in cold region, the bad condition of the field observation, the lack of the research data, and the weakness of the research foundation, we still in early stages about the research on physical process and influence factors of snowmelt runoff up to now.By taking Yong cui river basin as the research object, this paper analyzed the various factors on the snowmelt runoff, giving a further exploration and research on frozen soil humidity, temperature, snow cover and other factors which has bigger effect, basing on experimental simulation, field observation, and modern mathematical methods and technical means, such as time series analysis on radial flow and temperature, correlation analysis on thermal parameter of frozen soil water; established the least squares prediction simulation of the Yong cui river by using actual measurement hydrology data. The important conclusion obtained in this paper are as follows:1.Analyzed on spring runoff of Yong cui river by using time-series approaches. The results showed that the nonuniform coefficient and concentration ratio during the year is higher, concentration period by calculating is identical with actual measurement in the condition of the biggest monthly runoff, which is mainly determined by the runoff supply sources.2.Did field experiments for soil temperature and humidity,correlation analysis on permafrost hydrothermal parameters。Analyzed on it by using SPSS for correlation analysis,working out the relation between the soil temperature and humidity. It is concluded that the correlationship is very well and it will appear cubic curve when the depth of 2.5 m to 3 m. The correlation of deep soil is higher than the shallow soil, due to the shallow soil affected by the outside temperature, snow and coverage, and other factors bigger.3.In order to analysis and understand the physical process of snowmelt runoff deeply, I did the monocular infiltration laboratory test. The conclusion is that the factors of whether freezing at interface of the runoff process under the condition of permafrost is not only a single process from solid ice to liquid water. Runoff has excess infiltration, excess storage and mixed mode in alternate process of freeze thawing at any period.4.Processed the average temperature data from the Yong cui river for several years by wavelet analysis, did wavelet transform by using matlab, analyzed the multi-time scale temperature by DWT coefficient and DW variogram, to reveal the variation characteristic of the system.5.Established an annual runoff prediction model based on the least squares linear regression of snow cover and temperature.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yong cui river, Frozen soil moisture, Snow cover, Snowmelt runoff, Correlation
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