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1. Study On Spatio-temporal Changes Of Snow Cover By Remote Sensing In Jilin Province
2. Nearly 50 Years, Temporal And Spatial Variation Of Snow Cover And Atmospheric Circulation Factor Relationship
3. Observation Of Global Significant Warming Over Semiarid Region In Winter
4. Preliminary Research On Monitoring Snow Of China With AMSU Data
5. The Effects Of The Thermal Contrast Between Indo-China Peninsula And South China Sea On SCS Summer Monsoon Onset
6. The Relationship Between Eurasian Snow Cover And The Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric Circulation
7. Simulation Of The Effect Of Anomalous Plateau Snow Cover And SSTA On Summer Climate Of Northwest China
8. Analysis On The Temporal And Spatial Distributions And The Influencing Factors Of Snow Cover In Naqu By Using Remote Sensing And In Situ Data
9. Research Of Snow Temporal And Spatial Variation Characteristics In Qilian Mountains Based On Satellite RS
10. Study On The Relevance Of Snow Covere And Meteorological Factors Of Xinjiang Based On Remote Sensing Methods
11. Study On Spatio-temporal Variations Of Snow From 2000 To 2009 In Northeast China
12. Algorithms Of Snow Cover Extraction From Multi-source Remote Sensing Data Based On Adaboost And Its Application
13. Impact Of Land Cover On Snow Identification From MODIS Images
14. Detection Of Terrain Surface Changes Using PolSAR Images And Multi-PolSAR Simulation Of Forest With Snow Cover
15. Interannual Variations Of Snow Cover Over China And Possible Changes In Next 40 Years
16. Study On The Classification Of Snow Cover And Influencing Factors In West China
17. Monitoring Snow Cover In Pastoral Areas On Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
18. Snow Change In Manas River Basin And Its Relation To Runoff Of Manas River
19. Study On Characteristics Of The Snow Disaster In Qinghai Plateau During Recent 50 Years
20. Spatial And Temporal Variations Of Snow And Influencing Factors In Tibetan Based On Remote Sensing And GIS
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