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Intelligent Biometrics Recognition ATM Design And Implementation

Posted on:2014-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330425965091Subject:Software engineering
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Increasingly ATM launch and accompanying financial self-service applicationl bringmore and more intelligent application requirement of financial self-service terminaland related crime.PIN revealed caused account money loss, and some users were robbed near theATM,which bring a lot of trouble and loss for the bank and users. Information securityhas become an increasingly important problem for the banking industry.Biometrics Intelligent technology, boomed in the late20th century with the advantagesof difficult to counterfeit, no loss, easy to carry, easy to use, etc., provide a morereliable ID identification, discarding the defects in traditional safety identification andauthentication. So biological identification technology is a very important step in theapplication of financial self-service terminal, and has been adopted by some of thebiggest financial self-service terminal manufacturers at home and abroad.To be competitive and have more market share, financial self-service terminalmanufacturers home and abroad are doing more researching on Biometrics AIntelligent ATM, which enjoys two advantages:1. Provide more intelligent and easy-use terminalThe operation of ATM user (insert card, menu selection) can be analyzed by usingmodern biometrics devices, such as cameras, vibration sensors to make ATMoperation more easy and intelligent.2. Security level of encryption authorization is upgraded.Because individual has an unique and relative stable biological characteristics. It’svery hard to counterfeit and fake and it’s safe, reliable and accurate to identifycardholder’s personal information through biometric technology.In conclusion, the researching and developing of intelligent biometric ATM is of verysignificant. This paper analyzes and researches the application and implementation ofATM-centered biological identification through the research and design on ATMCarchitecture, taking SWITCH protocol into account at the same time. It includes thefollowing points:1. This paper researches the significance and feasibility of biological identificationmodule in financial self-service terminal, considering the security designrequirement of ATM.2. This paper introduces ATM technology and operating environment, software andhardware control technology, and discuss the implementation of ATM Intelligentbiological identification system.3. Under ATM professional application protocol of bank home and abroad, this paper discussed the design and implement of modern ATM utility-type through palm veinrecognition and face recognition module.4. By summarizing the application of various Biometrics identification module infinancial self-service terminal, this paper discusses next generation of IntelligentBiometrics technology on ATM.
Keywords/Search Tags:ATM, Biometrics Recognition, Palm Vein, Face Recognition, Anti-follow
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