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Software Design Of Palm Vein And Palm Print Recognition System Based On ARM Platform

Posted on:2018-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330542988511Subject:Control engineering
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In recent years,people pay more attention to personal information security.Due to the low recognition capability and security,traditional authentication method has been unable to meet the needs of people.The biological feature recognition using physiological characteristics or behavioral characteristics of people to identify so it's more security.The biological authentication has been solved some problems that the traditional authentication can't deal with,and gradually become the main means to identity authentication.Hence,palm vein and palm print recognition systems have been widely used in daily life.This paper first analyzes the theory of image fusion,feature extraction and matching recognition,what's more,introduces the related embedded technology.We have been implemented the palm vein and palm print recognition algorithm,porting the recognition algorithm to the ARM platform and designing the graphical user interface.At last the system function and the recognition algorithm was tested,the test results were analyzed in the same time.The main work and research results for this paper are summarized as follows:(1)The implementation palm vein and palm print recognition algorithm.Firstly,this paper shows the framework of recognition algorithm.In consideration of the weak computing ability and the small storage we use an image fusion algorithm based on two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform to fuse palm vein and palm print images.Then we use the low frequency approximate sub image as the sample and using the scattered convolution network to extract the features of images.Due to the high dimension and large amount of redundant data of feature vectors we use the PCA(Principal Component Analysis)algorithm to reduce dimension,and using the SVM(Support Vector Machine)classifier for recognition.(2)The implementation of palm vein and palm print recognition system software.Firstly,we show the framework of software system.Then we prepare the embedded software platform,which contains the porting of Linux system,Python and related algorithm library.Then we design the graphical user interface,and use the SQLite to store the data of user.(3)Test for software function and recognition algorithm.We tested the basic functions of identification software system.Then we tested the recognition algorithm from the aspects of recognition rate,recognition speed and repeatability.What's more,the experimental results are also analyzed.The paper implemented a palm vein and palm print recognition system software based on ARM platform.This system has two major function user registration and identity recognition,and can help to deal with the increasingly serious information security problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:biological recognition technology, palm vein, palm print, scattering convolution network, fusion recognition
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