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Design And Research Of Oil Pipeline Leakage Monitoring System

Posted on:2014-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:E S ZhenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330425952104Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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Pipeline technology in petroleum, natural gas and other fluid transportation playsan important role, however the security problem in the process of pipeline transportationhas been plagued by the major oil companies, for the research and application ofstrengthening the pipeline leak detection and location technology, found the pipelineleak, crack down the oil pilferer, maintained environmental safety, reduce the nationalresources waste, meanwhile it has great significance to improve the application ofautomatic control on some related industries.This paper introduces the characteristics of oil pipeline and present several oilpipeline leak detection and location methods, and analyzes the advantages anddisadvantages of these methods. With the development of computer technology,communication technology, industrial control technology, different from the traditionalleak detection and location technology, this paper mainly studies the oil pipeline leakdetection and location system by the combination of hardware and software. Oilpipeline leakage monitoring system hardware circuit conclude STC12C5A60S2singlechip computer, some kinks of sensors and485network service and so on, the mainfunction is to monitor the parameters of information and alarm information is uploadedto the PC single-chip detection, to determine the precise location. The system usesKingview software to build the real-time monitoring system, Kingview is a maturetechnology, the ready-made module and basic communication technology realizedetection system design, terminal PC receive various parameter information to displaythe exact location information of each node and alarm, and send alarm sound.The system uses485network step by step uploads alarm information instead of thecommon GPRS or GSM directly to send information, greatly reduce the subsequentexpenditure. At the same time, each node uses different sensors, making each node withreal-time information uploaded to the configuration interface, parameter changes ofsensors can accurately judge whether there is leakage situation. This paper discusses theapplication of fuzzy control technology in oil monitoring system and the fuzzy controltechnology plays more and more important role in industrial control, and can be moreaccurate to locate the leakage point, remedy negative pressure wave method fortechnology in application.
Keywords/Search Tags:leakage pipeline, SCM, 485network, Kingview, fuzzy control
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