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Based On Mobile Agent The Research And Implementation Of The Flexible Workflow Collaboration Model

Posted on:2014-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330425475765Subject:Software engineering
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Workflow technology separates business logic of the information management systemfrom processing logic, which causes developers just need to focus on developing businesslogic and break away from the tedious processing logic. But with the extensive use ofworkflow technology, the problem of lacking of flexibility and can’t handling resourceconflicts in time increasingly obvious. Improving the flexibility and synergy of workflowtechnology and designing workflow model which is accord with the actual business needs caneffectively achieve the goal of cost saving and profiting.In this context, this paper proposes a kind of flexible workflow coordination model whichis based on mobile agent, this model is based on workflow technique, aimed at implementingflexibility and coordination, use mobile Agent technique as the core, with the basis of givingfull play to workflow technique’s advantages, the model obtains the characteristics ofautonomy, reactivity and mobility from mobile Agent, it makes workflow management systemmore flexible, more efficient and more suitable for modern enterprise which has disperseorganization and changeable process.Firstly, this paper puts forward a method of flexible workflow. Secondly, based on thelack of Interoperability, this paper presents a design of flexible workflow collaborative model.Third, in combination with mobile agent technology, this paper constructs a agile, intelligent,scalable and flexible Mobile Agent-based workflow collaboration model. The main work andachievements of this paper are as follows:(1) This paper design a method to achieve the flexibility of workflow which integrates thetwo stages of workflow process, based on the Analysis of two angles: the flexibilitydemand from the business processes to workflow and the workflow technology is lackingof flexibility. In the stage of process modeling, the uncertain process activities mark withflexible feature. When the system performs the activity with flexible feature, process willbe automatically suspended. After the executor removes the flexible features process willbe awaked. In the stage of process execution,based on the reason of change request, theimpact of change and the relationship between change point and the execution point thispaper designs measures to treatments. (2) Analysis the interoperability of flexible workflow, construct the collaborative model offlexible workflow, design a constructed method for process description which can beresolve by this model, and verify the correctness of the constructed method.(3) Combined with mobile agent technology, design a flexible mobile agent-based workflowcollaboration model,Specifically for the architecture, system components, and theimplementation process.(4) Implement the flexible mobile agent-based workflow collaboration model, based onjBPM and IBM Aglet.
Keywords/Search Tags:workflow, mobile agent, collaboration model
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