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The Research Of Provenance-Aware Technology In Long-Term Digital Preservation

Posted on:2014-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422463457Subject:Computer system architecture
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With the continuous development of informatization, digital information presents theamazing growth rate, which takes the problem of long-term preservation to digitalresources. Currently, the research of long-term digital preservation is focused onpreservation metadata, long-term digital preservation system and migration mechanisms.In long-term digital preservation system, preservation metadata is the most importantinformation, and constantly improved and standardized. To provide preservation metadatain long-term digital preservation system, introduce the provenance-aware technology tocollect provenance information automatically which can be the preservation metadata usedin migration, and the intelligent and efficiency of long-term digital preservation system.To introduce provenance-aware technology in the long-term preservation system,using Open Archival Information System model(OAIS) and related provenance-awaretechnology, design the overall system architecture of long-term digital preservationprovenance-aware system, and implement the provenance collecting module, provenancestorage module and provenance query module of the system. In provenance collectingmodule, design provenance data and relation model, propose the type of provenanceinformation with the Electronic metadata standards, collect the provenance information byintercepting and analysing the system calls. In provenance storage module, removeduplication and cycles of provenance information, allocate the object ID, and storeprovenance in disk. In provenance query module, parse the provenance log file, organizethe provenance in non-ralational DB or object centralized format, and providesprovenance query function.Finally, test basic function of provenance collecting and querying, realize the formatmigration of long-term digital preservation technology strategy with the provenance, toverify the importance of provenance-aware technology in long-term digital preservation.
Keywords/Search Tags:provenance, provenance-aware, digital long-term preservation, formatmigration, Open Archival Information System
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