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Design And Implementation Of Mobile Community Information System

Posted on:2013-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X ChuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330398970761Subject:Communication and Information System
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In recent years, LBS providing users with real-time accurate personalized location based services, is gradually affecting people’s everyday life. Nowadays, the real-time LBS services is developing fast such as transportation guide, location query, check-in mode and so on, but some of them are lack of long-term vitality and the core value attracting users. To build more useful and richer business, operators introduce a non-real-time LBS service, an information platform supporting interaction between users based on their residency.This paper designs and implements a mobile community information system, which divides users into different communities based on users location information provided by the operators, and manage the users’ privilege based on roles; while the system provide information resource management, supporting characteristic information presented in different communities, to provide users with a personalized information services like residential property information, surrounding life information, customized message push service. Also different forms of applications can be developed on the system such as mobile client, web portal and wap portal.Based on requirements analysis, this paper designs the overall structure and function module division diagram, then describes the design of each module in details, including:1) the design and realization of the privilege management module:selects the Role-Based Access Control model as the core strategy, divides privilege into content-based permission and content-based permission;2) the design and implementation of the resource management module:Extract the common features of different information resources for effective integration to achieve unified management, on the other hand, the main content of the different resources is presented in different templates;3) the design and implementation of image manipulation module:deliver non-real-time image tasks to the back-end Image Server for processing, using load balancing strategy and reverse proxy mode to speed up the processing capacity of the system;4) the design of Session sharing scheme:manage the users’ session by cluster unified management, using Dual-backup Memcache Server to store session information;5) the design and implementation of message push module:Use asynchronous processing mode to push mobile messages, and use Pull mode and Push mode to achieve the platform message delivering.
Keywords/Search Tags:LBS, Mobile Community, Privilege Management, Resource Management, Session Sharing, Message Push
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