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The Stability Analysis Of The Slope In The Seasonal Frozen Soil Area

Posted on:2014-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2250330401987031Subject:Geotechnical engineering
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With the development of China’s western development and revitalizing policy the northeast old industrial base vigorously implement, the infrastructure construction of the seasonal frozen soil area will be hitherto unknown development. The slope stability study under the conditions of freeze-thaw cycles plays an important role in the seasonal frozen soil area construction.In this paper, considering the special environment of the slope in seasonal frozen, discusses the moisture migration law of slope in the freeze-thaw cycle process and its effect on slope stability. According to the type of soil moisture in permafrost areas and migration mechanism, based on the heat transfer and permafrost theory, combined with the temperature field and moisture field coupled differential control equation, the moisture migration law elaborated Slope freeze-thaw process, as well as moisture migration on slope stability evaluation. Through the formation mechanism and influence factors of slope freeze-thaw damage, the formation mechanism and influencing factors of freeze-thaw failure are summarized on the slope, rock slope during freeze-thaw cycle function, mainly for the surface collapse and landslide failure mode, for soil slope, freeze thawing process will change the density of the soil, and under the action of water, the influence of soil physical, mechanical properties, reduce the overall stability of the slope.Changing of the slope stability under freezing and thawing environment, is more complicated. This paper takes Shanxi open-pit coal mine slope and Anshan Street on furnace slope as an example, using the strength reduction method and the finite element software ANSYS,from water heat coupled three fields of view, respectively discuss the influence of freeze-thaw cycles on soil slope and rock slope stability. The calculation results show that the soil slope in seasonal frozen ground region, increasing its melting depth with melting time increased, extending to the slope body, the increase of freezing and thawing cycles, intensify the effects of soil freezing and thawing on the slope, the slope soil physics, mechanics reduce, the slope stability decreases year by year. Freezing make the rock slope structure surface and joint surface changed, from the beginning of the slope surface, freezing and thawing gradually downward what caused slope rock mass damage, frost heaving force and its deformation is the main reason for the instability caused by slope.
Keywords/Search Tags:slope, seasonal frozen soil, freeze-thaw cycle, water migration
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