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1. Influence Of Freeze-thaw Cycles On Slope Stability
2. The Stability Analysis Of The Slope In The Seasonal Frozen Soil Area
3. Influence Of Freeze-Thaw Cycle On The Particle Size Of Malan Loess
4. Effects Of Warming On Macro- And Meso- Soil Fauna Community And Greenhouse Gas Emissions In The Peatland,Great Hing'an Mountains
5. Variations In Frozen Soil Environment And Its Effect On Alpine Vegetation Over The Source Region Of Yellow River
6. Effect Of Returning Farmland To Grassland On Soil N2O And NO Fluxes
7. Research On The Damage Characteristics Of Carbonaceous Shale Under Freezing And Thawing
8. Research On The Mechanism Of Mechanical Property Change In Landfill Soil Under The Freeze-Thaw Cycle
9. Study On Freeze-thaw Cycle Effect And Microcosmic Mechanism Of Silt Strength And Disintegration Performance
10. Survival Of Escherichia Coli O157:H7 In The Soils Under Freeze-thaw Cycling Conditions
11. Effects Of Simulated Freezing-thawing Processes On Carbon And Nitrogen Gas Exchanges In Shallow Soil Of Permafrost Wetland
12. Study Of Interface Strength Deterioration Of Granite-concrete Sample By Freeze-thaw Cycle
13. Effect Of Freeze-thaw Cycles On The Mechanical Behavior Of Microbial Treated Sand
14. Mechanic Properties And Fractal Study On Damage Characteristics Of Sandstone Under The Effect Of Freeze-thaw Cycles
15. Study On The Aging Characteristics Of Freeze-thaw In Alpine Clod Rock Slope
16. The Stability Of Magnesium Phosphate Cement Solidified/Stabilized Cu-contaminated Soils Under Freezing And Thawing Cycles
17. Experimental Study On The Mechanical Properties Of Sandstone After Freeze-thaw Damage
18. Experimental Study On Deformation And Failure Change Of Sandstone Under Freeze-Thaw Cycles
19. Study On Degradation Of Engineering Characteristics And Mechanisms Of Compound Solidified Lead Contaminated Soil Characteristics Under Freeze-thaw Cycles
20. The Influence Of Climate Warming And Wetting On Freezing-thawing Process And Hydrothermal Migration Of Soil In Weihe River Basin
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