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1. Research On The Dispersion Mechanism Of The Dispersive Seasonal Frozen Soil In The Western Of Jilin Province
2. Tank Model With Migration Of Seasonal Frozen Soil In The Original Area Of Yellow River
3. Soil Freezing And Thawing Variation Characteristics Under Different Land Use Types In Mudan Ridge
4. Quantitative Study On The Process Of Seasonal Frozen Soil Freezing And Thawing During Snowmelt Period
5. The Research On Improving And Simulating Of Distributed Snowmelt Model Of Snow-seasonal Frozen Soil
6. Experimental Study On Snow Evaporation And Condensation In Gurbantunggut Desert Of China
7. Thermal Effect Of Land Cover And Snow Cover On The Underlying Middle-Thick Seasonal Frozen Ground In The Active Layer In The Changbai Mountains
8. Frost Heaving Characteristic And PFC-3D Numerical Analysis Of Saline Soil In Western Jilin Province
9. Variation Of Seasonal Frozen Soil In East China And Their Association With Monsoon Activity
10. A Preliminary Study On The Law Of Earthquake Ground Response In The Seasonal Frozen Regions
11. Seasonal Frozen Soil Frozen-thaw Process And The Analysis Of Impact Factors In The North Slope Of TianShan Mountain
12. Seasonal Frozen Soil Properties (silty Clay) And Experimental Research
13. The Stability Analysis Of The Slope In The Seasonal Frozen Soil Area
14. The Mechanism Of Cutting Slope Freeze-thaw Instability And Its Protection By Vegetation In High-latitude Frozen Regions
15. Study On Temperature Field And Stability Of The Seasonal Coarse Grained Frozen Soil Slope In The Sichuan Tibet Railway
16. Analysis Of Spring Snowmelt Runoff In Seasonal Frozen Soil Area Of ??Xiaoxing'anling
17. Study On Hydro-thermal Condition And Snow Cover Characteristics Of Frozen Soil In Thawing Period
18. The Spatial And Temporal Variation Of Seasonal Frozen Soil Thickness In Heilongjiang Province And Its Response To Temperature And Land Use Change
19. Response Of Soil Freezing-thawing Process And Hydrothermal Change Of Shallow Soil In The Northwest Seasonal Frozen Soil Region To Climate
20. The Influence Of Climate Warming And Wetting On Freezing-thawing Process And Hydrothermal Migration Of Soil In Weihe River Basin
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