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Ldpc Codes And Its Application In Joint Distributed Source Channel Coding

Posted on:2014-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395991735Subject:Control Engineering
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With the development of communication technology, computer technologyand multimedia technology, how to compress the data efficiently has become animportant part of the communication system, and get the attention of scholars.Traditional encoding method such as MPEG.X H26.X mainly rely on theencoder side using the correlation between the respective sources to compressthe data, so the complexity of the encoder is far greater than the decoder inthese systems because of there will be a large number of operations in the codesection. In recent years, however, some new emerging applications such as:wireless sensor networks, wireless video surveillance presented challenges to thetraditional codec structure. The encoder due to the limited capacity of memoryand battery to be designed as simple as possible but the decoding side canperform complex calculations in these new occasions. Distributed source codinghas been proven to be a good way to solve the above problems, compared withthe conventional encoding method, the distributed source coding using thecorrelation between the respective sources to compress the data in decoding side, so that the complicated calculation process is transferred from the encoding sideto the decoding side. Therefore, the distributed source coding system which willbe designed opposite with the traditional completely is with the low complexityof the encoder and the high complexity of the decoder. Distributed sourcecoding can empress the data efficiently, and has strong anti-error characteristics,especially suitable for low-power, simple structure of the joint source-channelcoding system.Firstly the distributed source coding theory is described in this paper, andfocus on the Slepian-Wolf lossless distributed source coding theory, andcombined with the actual presents a Slepian-Wolf coding theory method. Thenthis paper research joint source channel coding and distributed source codingbased on analyzes the traditional source coding and channel coding, studymodern error correction code of LDPC codes and to use it to distributedsource-channel joint coding, obtaining desired results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed Source Coding, Joint Source-channel Coding, LowPower Consumption, Wireless Sensor Network
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