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Space Of The Media Present Production And Justice

Posted on:2013-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The space is a concept of academia. It has received extensive attention in recent years.The different disciplines of social space also have the different understandings. This topic of media and social space can not be evaded by the Mass Communication Research. Mass Communication, understanding of social space has different dimensions. Media witnesses the development of urban space and build changes which show the ideological struggles and the collective imaginations.As the research object for text analysis,news reports of Wujiaochang in Shanghai mainstream media focused on the urban space theme. Edward W.Soja space theory is the framework with the core concept of "space production" and "space justice" showing the Wujiaochang urban space. There are five different forms of definition from the expression of the political, economic, public opinion and academics. The main discourse and ideology conflicts are following:the mainstream political discourse hopes to update and improve government performance through the city contribution, to provide the public with a more modern living environment. Commercial discourse hopes to bring the capital increase through the space filled with consumerism. People want to get more comfortable and harmonious living and working environment. The experts call for urban planning more people-oriented, pay attention to the context of the city heritage.In this competition, political and economic factors naturally come together to form closely space producers, the people and experts scattered strength, weak, loose space consumers. As an important social force, the media tried to adjust the balance. The implementation of spatial justice has achieved initial success.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wujiangchang, space theory, space justice, ideologydiscourse struggle
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