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Research On The Output Characteristic Of LD Side-Pumped Nd:Yag Ceramic Laser

Posted on:2013-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years the transparent ceramic crystal is concerned by researchers as a laser material. In this paper, we have researched the output characteristics of the LD side-pumped Nd:YAG ceramic laser from the aspects of theorical and experiment, in order to know more about the ceramic basic performance and expand the application fields. The main contents are as follows:(1) Obtain the optimum resonator structure through optimally design the resonator and the parameters of passive Q-switch, simulate the relationship among original transmission ratio of Cr4+:YAG crystal, peak power, pulse power and pulse width and repetition rates.(2) In plano-plano and plano-concave cavity, when pump power is145W(17A), a continuous wave output with a maximum power of about42.79W and41.01W were obtained for Nd:YAG ceramic laser and the optical-to-optical conversion efficiency is29.5%and28.28%, respectively. With the large moder volume’s plano-plano cavity, when the pump power is124W(15A), the10.03kHz quasi continuous laser was obtained, the average power and peak were4.62W and5.54kW, respectively. The original transmission ratio of Cr4+:YAG crystal and the output coupling reflectivity were87.89%and80%.(3) Under the same experimental conditions, compared with the output between Nd:YAG ceramic and single Nd:YAG laser, which showed that the Nd:YAG ceramic has more widely application prospect under the high power pumped compared with single Nd:YAG.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nd:YAG ceramic, LD, continuous-pumped, passively Q-switched
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