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Yunnan Province 800 Mhz Radio Frequency Spectrum Bandwidth Modulation Technology Planning And Research

Posted on:2013-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330374459725Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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Radio frequency resources like sunlight,oil, coal,air,water, play a very important role in huma-nsurvival and development. However, radio frequency resources have two significant known char-acteristics. That is renewable and limited. The radio frequency carrying the human all necessary information(generalized). Therefore,the scientific and rational planning of the use of radio freque-ncy resources is the important guarantee for China’s socialist construction by smooth development. Radio frequency planning goal is implementation frequency resource for the rational development and sustainable use. Frequency planning is the source of the radio management work in China, has a very mportant position. Due to the continuous development of science and technology, the original planning have already can’t adapt social and technological needs. With China’s national conditions and the actual situation of Yunnan province. The effects on the radio frequency to planning, with the trend of the development of science and technology is the inevitable choice.Based on the reasonable planning digital trunking communication system used by800MHz band frequencies resources for the purpose, under the guidance of tutor, Completion of the800M Hz band frequency and the spacing of the scientific planning and related technology research. This paper first analyzes the significance of frequency planning. Then through the market survey and th-e requirement analysis, it is concluded that the market demand of frequency. And then introduced the can use this planning equipment and related technologies, and analyzed their advantages and d-isadvantages. In addition also analyses the relevant frequency interval of technology. Get the mo-dulation technology is the key technology to spectrum interval. After the technology of digital ph-ase in-depth analysis and research, in the research on the basis of existing technology, and put for-ward some improvement scheme and some new modulation method. These modulation method after analysis can to some extent reduce channel interval, improve the utilization rate of tile. But considering the equipment and so on various factors, eventually used25kHz the frequency inter-val in Yunnan province in800MHz as the planning scheme. But from the text can know that, in the future if use12.5KHz or lower frequency interval is completely feasible. Finally, according to the characteristics of the800M channel put forward the basic scheme frequency reuse, and the conclusion that Yunnan province800MHz frequency planning of the final result.The proposed800MHz frequency planning, after repeated discussions and modification, is scientific and rigorous planning program, radio management department can according to the planning to achieve800MHz spectrum resources radio, scientific and effective management and distribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:frequency planning, frequency, bandwidth, trunking communication, digital phasemodulation
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