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Research Based On The Fuzzy PID Control Of Tower Servo System

Posted on:2013-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S K ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330374455937Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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With the development of computer and control technology, It become an important direction for applicating the digital control and intelligent control strategy in the servo control system. The digital intelligent control is simple, flexible, and have a high control precision, So it has been widely used in the control system. Since a higher precision, high stability, fast reactor with a turret weapons in the weapons industry, which makes the servo system is the rapid development of research, such as, a variety of radar, missile launchers, industrial control process and so on.In the continuous improvement of artillery mechanical properties It also need a faster, more stable, more precise control artillery turret servo control system. In this essay, aiming at the turret servo system how to improve the servo performance of the system, based on the grasping of the turret servo system, it is necessary to improve and optimization some parts of servo system.Quteo the fuzzy control in the servo system control, with the joint of PID control which has good control characteristics, the use of advanced digital control technology and the flexibility of a strong and a collection of artificial intelligence advantages of fuzzy control theory can make the turret servo system easy to control and fully in accordance with the will of the people’s fast, thereby enhancing the weapons and firepower, to improve the viability of the combatants on the battlefield; At the same time, the traditional turret servo system uses analog circuits to control the system, some of the mechanical structure is no longer able to meet the need of digital control on the mechanical components, It needs improve. Such as the backlash mentioned in this article, because of its existencen, it makes the servo performance weakened, and therefore must be improved to eliminate backlash, on the one hand, adjusting and optimizating the mechanical components to Eliminate the gap, the other hand, proposed backlash inverse model compensation based on tooth gap The corresponding model in the control strategy. The simulation results show that the PID fuzzy control can improve the servo performance of the turret servo system achieve fast, accurate control objectives.
Keywords/Search Tags:Turret Servo system, Math model, Fuzzy PID control, Backlash nonlinear
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