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Analysis And Design Of Suzhou Telecommunications Metropolitan Area Networks Security Platform

Posted on:2012-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371967246Subject:Software engineering
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With the rapid development of computer networks, people pay more attention to the network security problems. How to protect the network from attacks and to assure the security of information is becoming a research hotspot.Due to the openness of IP technology, the Internet is facing a growing number of security risks. Viruses, worms, DDoS attacks always bother users, and have a great impact on their network, business as well as the quality of Suzhou Telecom IP MAN network.Denial of Service (Dos) attack is currently spread abroad, and the Internet is flooded with a lot of garbage generated by denial of service attack. Denial of service attacks has rarely one-on-one single point attack, and many are in the form of distributed denial of service attack. They are mainly targeted at portals, the game server, mail server, DNS server. Through our monitoring, Jiangsu, almost all of the portals, the game server have been subjected to denial of service attacks. Telecommunications, china mobile, websites for online business of the banks suffer a denial of service attacks almost every week. How to ensure the stability of the telecommunications backbone network, and to ensure the availability customer service has been an urgent issue to be solved.IP MAN is one of the important basic networks of Suzhou Tecom Company. The security and stability of the network is the basis of quality, as well as the basis and the core of normal operation of enterprises. With the rapid development of IP MAN broadband services and the growing number of users, Suzhou Telecom provides more and more data services, thus network and information security has become more important.With the rapid development of information technology today, Suzhou Telecom builds a network security platform to deal with adverse effects caused by emerging network attacks, worms. This platform combines network attack warning, analysis and simulation as well as cleaning, thus to play an important role in improving the level of network security in Suzhou. This paper provides an innovative and explorative research, planning, design on design background, system architecture, function modules of Suzhou network security platform.This paper mainly deals with the following points:1. a brief introduction to the concept of network security and an overview of the research background, development history and current situation of network security technology;2. an analysis based on the status of Suzhou network environment and risks, a detailed description of the security problems in network development combined with the development of Suzhou Telecom IP network evolution planning, and a needs analysis for the improvement of network security;3. an idea to build security platform and a design of platform architecture based on Suzhou’s current situation in order to solve the existing network risks4 an elaboration on the the design and implementation of the main modules of the network security platform, and a detailed design of its function to achieve network attack early warning, analysis, simulation, traffic and other cleaning capabilities5. According to the finished design, the building of a platform in the project has been compieted and the coding of the main function modules has been achieved and put into a test run, which proved the correctness and reliability of these designs.The paper regards the status of IP MAN Suzhou Telecom as the main object of this research, and gives an innovative and exploratory research, planning, design of the development of Suzhou telecom network security.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network Security, Denial of Service (Dos), Attack, Intrusion Detection, Security Protection
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